NS: a sustainable brand

In 2023, NS dropped from 8th to 12th in the list of brands perceived as making a positive contribution to solving problems in society (source: Monitor Merk & Maatschappij, 2023, B-open, Marketresponse).
The weight given to sustainability in the decision to use public transport remains considerable. Last year, over two-thirds of consumers considered sustainability to be important or very important. One in six Dutch people say they use public transport more often because it is more sustainable than some other types of transport.
Over half of consumers believe there is an urgent need for action to combat climate change in the Netherlands and appreciate information on the CO2 emissions of products and services. Consumers also acknowledge their own responsibility to choose sustainable products or services (70%). This is why they want companies to communicate about their sustainability efforts. In this context, they attach great importance to honest communication and the substantiation of claims.

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