Sustainable real estate 

Energy labels for buildings

NS wants all real estate to be sustainable. It is our ambition to meet the Paris Agreement commitments by 2050. To that end, in recent years we have worked hard to upgrade the sustainability of all the leased offices we own to at least Energy Label C. After surveying our property portfolio in 2022 for energy-saving measures, we translated that in 2023 into plans for implementing sustainability measures for our properties over the next four years. Using a portfolio approach, we agreed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate on a level of ambition for making buildings more sustainable that goes beyond the minimum legal standards, in exchange for more flexibility in the implementation and enforcement of energy saving measures. NS is one of 27 companies in the Netherlands participating in this approach. We also formulated a long-term strategy. In this context, we signed the Dutch Green Building Council’s ‘Paris Proof’ commitment in 2023.

Lease of former KPN building in Eindhoven

In 2022, NS found a new tenant for the former KPN building next to Eindhoven Central Station: Microstad. This enabled us to find a new use for this property with a floor area of around 23,000 m2. Microstad renovated the building last year and the first tenants moved in in September. The building, which accommodates workplaces, creative businesses, studios and hospitality outlets, will be a cultural and social meeting place in an area development known as ‘Node XL’. The Eindhoven City Council intends to transform the entire station area into a zone with a mix of residential, work, social and recreational functions.

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