In 2023, there were many vacancies at NS: 5,837 at vocational education level and 1,031 at higher professional or university graduate level. We received 58,256 applications and found suitable candidates for 5,434 positions: 733 main guards, 479 train drivers, 273 Safety & Service officers and 1,665 retail staff. 81% of the vacancies were filled with new hires, with the remainder filled through internal transfers. We offered placements to 30 trainees, and the hiring desk contracted 575 professionals for fixed-term projects.
Through large-scale recruitment drives, we managed to eliminate the shortages of guards, train drivers and retail staff over the past year, and the ongoing number of vacancies is stable. However, the recruitment of mechanics, IT professionals and Security & Service officers remains a major challenge. To fill all vacancies, we deploy mass media and regional recruitment campaigns and ensure a fast and pleasant application process. For many positions we explicitly focus on people’s talents and skills rather than just their diplomas.

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