Retail at the station

Station visitors enjoy having a cup of coffee or buying themselves a treat. Large stations offer a convenient range with considerable variety; regional stations provide for basic needs. NS ensures that the retail offering provides sufficient variety and guarantees a basic range by operating several chain stores itself: Kiosk, AH to go, the Station Living Rooms and Julia’s. We leave the rest to the market.

Developments in 2023

  • In 2023, four AH to go shops were renovated: Zwolle, Amsterdam Oosttunnel, Duivendrecht and Apeldoorn. 

  • Eight Kiosk shops were renovated and given a new layout and look in 2023: Amsterdam RAI, Groningen Bus Station, Nijmegen platforms 3/4a, Eindhoven platforms 3/4, Leeuwarden, Delft, Gouda and Weert. In 87 Kiosk shops, signs and posters have been replaced by digital displays for product information and promotions.

  • We opened two new Station Living Rooms last year: one at Woerden station in June and the other at Deventer station in December. Previously, these were Kiosk shops. We also modernised the Station Living Room in Assen.

  • The two Julia’s outlets at Utrecht Central and The Hague Central underwent renovations at the end of 2023 and were given a new, modern look and fitted with ‘place your order’ columns and digital screens. Besides the usual pastas, passengers can now also enjoy a range of pizzas at these outlets.  

Range and convenience

NS Stations aims to adapt the range of retail chains to our passengers’ needs. For instance, we are introducing more and more products to offer passengers a healthy alternative any time of the day, such as salads and poke bowls, and to surprise customers with a seasonal assortment. For example, in winter Julia’s offers Tartufo Pastas and Kiosk has Winter Teas and Winter Cookies in its range.

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