Leadership at NS

NS is facing enormous short-term and long-term challenges. Our leaders play a major role in the transition to a sustainable mobility company and in keeping employees proud and healthy. NS updated its leadership vision in 2023, which is now being further developed through various channels, tools and target groups. We have also launched a new induction programme for newly hired and transferring managers. In it, we address topics such as short-term and long-term organisational goals, diversity and inclusion, and what NS expects from managers.
In addition, in several meetings a year, the Executive Board and managers are challenged and inspired on current and strategic themes and on the responses expected from them as leaders.

Leadership development and talent development

NS offers internal programmes to help our people advance smoothly through the various layers of management. Via the Trainee Programme, for example, NS maintains a regular supply of talented people in disciplines crucial to the company: IT, technology, procurement and operational management. In addition, NS has set up a number of specific talent development programmes. These programmes are a first step towards a different perspective on developing talent: expanding our focus from merely supporting talented people to fill key positions to achieving more diverse leadership styles, with the aim of promoting diversity at the top.

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