Ease of payment in public transport

NS is collaborating with Translink and all public transport companies in the Netherlands in a public transport payment programme to develop new forms of payment. These will be marketed under the OVpay brand name, offering passengers more choice and convenience when paying for their journeys.

Travelling with a debit card

Since 31 January 2023, passenger have been able to check in and out using their debit card, credit card or smartphone across the entire NS network. The journey is then charged on the basis of a second-class ticket, without discount. This is an especially useful option for occasional travellers. More than 11 million journeys have now been made with NS using this payment method. Of all passengers who travel with NS, an average of 3% check in using a debit or credit card. Event visitors and weekend travellers in particular use this payment option.

OV Pass

The technical development of the OV Pass (public transport pass), the successor to the current OV-chipkaart, is in full swing. The OV Pass will be available in both physical and digital form. Passengers using it will no longer need a card. They can also use the OV Pass to easily manage their journeys online. The OV Pass was developed because the technology of the OV-chipkaart will become obsolete in a few years and will need to be replaced. NS will test the OV Pass among passengers in phases from 2024, with a particular focus on passengers with season tickets. The pilots are being run later than originally planned because, due to our reliance on third parties, we do not yet have all the desired functionalities. If, after the pilots, we are sufficiently confident that the OV Pass will work, we will go ahead and introduce the pass, inviting all customers with NS season tickets to switch. Ultimately, the entire public transport sector will say goodbye to the current OV-chipkaart.

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