Corporate Security

Protecting property and resources

NS protects property and creates a safe working environment for employees. NS offices, workshops, warehouses, maintenance facilities and closed sections of stations are protected from two Security Control Centres (SCCs) in Amsterdam and Utrecht. This is done remotely with cameras, intercom and alarm systems, sensors and access control. We are connecting more and more locations to the SCCs; in 2023 we added nine. We have also made an extra investment in combating graffiti in 2023 through better internal and external cooperation, deployment of specially trained dogs, sensors, improved camera systems and the use of more and improved data. In addition, we have decided to coordinate regularly with ProRail to jointly improve the safety of private premises. Finally, 2023 also saw work in connection with the planned introduction of the new European Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive in October 2024. This directive aims to protect and enhance the resilience of critical entities such as NS, which are of crucial importance to vital societal functions and economic activities.

Terrorism and extreme violence

NS is always alert to terrorism and other forms of serious and extreme violence. Incidents involving suspected firearms or suspicious behaviour continued to impact our services in 2023, sometimes due to the large-scale deployment of police. With our external security partners, we have practised scenarios involving various types of extreme violence, at and around Utrecht Central Station and elsewhere.
In 2023, we signed agreements with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security (NCTV) and the police to ensure our resilience to extreme violence (including terrorism) in both the Crucial Rail programme and in legislation based on the Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive.
We contributed to internal security at NS in 2023 through screening and internal investigations.

Eurostar security

In order to run the Eurostar, we have to meet the security requirements set by the Channel Tunnel Authority. At Amsterdam Central and Rotterdam Central stations, we perform security checks of all passengers and their baggage, as well as our own employees. In view of the upcoming conversion of Amsterdam’s Amstelpassage into a Eurostar terminal and the expected growth in passengers, we will be stepping up security measures in the coming period.

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