NS offers its employees a wide variety of career options. A total of 2,493 staff have moved on to other positions within the company. For instance, in 2023, 42 main guards transferred internally to the position of train driver and 40 staff became main guards. In 2023, 432 staff completed a career orientation programme (2022: 403). This programme has also been available to Retail employees since 2023.
Through the online Career Platform, in addition to career coaching we offer employees a skills self-scan, labour market consultation and a CV check, among other things. Last year the career centre launched the development counter: a pilot to offer employees better access to development opportunities outside their current position.

Preventing redundancies

In the event of organisational developments that have consequences for staff, NS ensures they receive guidance from an early stage in finding new employment within or outside NS. We do this to prevent redundancies. These employees come under the anticipatory job mobility measure and are entitled to benefit from the Social Plan. In 2023, there were no employees that came under the anticipatory job mobility measure. Of all the employees who had been made redundant before 2023 and were covered by the employment guarantee, 50% found alternative employment at NS or elsewhere within the guidance period.

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