Stations undergoing renovations

In 2023, together with ProRail and the relevant municipalities, we completed renovations on several stations. Examples include:

  • Naarden-Bussum is a listed railway station that has undergone major improvements and renovations in phases over several years. By early 2023, all work had been completed: from modified tracks and platforms to a completely new entrance area, and from bicycle parking and a P+R facility to a fully renovated listed station building.

  • Almere Centrum station has seen a complete renovation of its roof structure, and the platforms have been redesigned, offering new furnishings and more space for passengers. The lifts in the station hall have been renovated and made transparent to enhance visibility and public safety. The modernised station hall is larger, and boasts a mosaic floor that flows seamlessly into the revamped public space outside the station. The range of shops at the station has been expanded, and two supervised indoor bicycle parking facilities have been built under the tracks next to the station hall and platforms.

  • Roermond station has undergone a major upgrade. The entrance from the bus station has been widened, giving passengers more space. Many historical elements have been restored to their former glory and a Station Living Room has been created in the former buffet area.

  • The renovation project for Tiel station was completed in October 2023. The interior was thoroughly modernised and made more energy efficient. The external façade was partially restored, and new window frames were installed on the railway side, reflecting its original state. As Tiel Station is a listed building in the municipal register, specific guidelines were followed to preserve as many historical elements as possible.

  • Holten station was renovated and completed last year.

Amsterdam Central Station (including relocation of the Eurostar terminal and renovation of the historic façades), Amsterdam Zuid, Schiphol, Groningen, The Hague HS, Ede-Wageningen and Maastricht stations were still undergoing renovations at the end of 2023. Unfortunately, these sometimes involve inconvenience for passengers, as is the case at Middelburg. An investment proposal for the renovation of Kampen station was approved in late 2023.

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